Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a reLAUNCH!!

Hi WHAB friends...

Our blend of serious sports commentary, toilet humour and sports betting advice has started to gain a few loyal readers! It's really the only site like this in the country.

It is the aim of the three of us to start debates - so we want our readers to comment and comment often.

If you agree with us, let us know. If you think we are being assclowns, again, let us know...

If you like Phil Gould or Glen Boss.. well...

Especially on our punting forums, such as the Doncaster guide that we are releasing tomorrow morning - give us your tips. We want to provide a forum for lively debate on all Australian sports and racing.

Anyway, that's enough time without me calling someone a cockbag.

Enjoy your long-weekend. If you are considering going to a march tomorrow morning, do it.

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