Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Punishment Post... NSW origin team

Having copped a worse pounding than Omaha Beach by JB in the most recent bet-off, I have been set the task of picking a NSW origin team. I have to pick three teams, one that I would pick myself, one as picked by 'We'll have a bowl' favourite Phil Gould, and one that the old men of the NSW selection table would pick. It's a lot of work but JB won a lot of money so lets get started. I will open with the Phil Gould invitational XVII.

Phil Gould:

Hi, its Phil Gould here, ready to pick a side that will roll QLD in the origin series this year. Lots of tough selection battles ahead so lets get into it.

At fullback, it is a race between Brett Stewart, Brett Hodgson and Anthony Minichello. I want to go on record as saying I don't rate Brett Stewart. In the Grand Final rematch against the Storm he was outplayed by Billy Slater. That was the only reason that Melbourne won. I think Brett Hodgson is in a coma still so that leaves my old Roosters buddy the cello as your NSW fullback.

On the wings, Amos Roberts is a matchwinner. He scores tries and sometimes lets just as many tries in. So he is going to win the match for someone. And as much as I despise Parramatta you have to give Hayne the other wing.

In the centres it has been laughable just how little ball Mark Gasnier has gotten in his games for the Dragons this year. Not his fault at all. I blame Nathan Brown and I was instrumental behind closed doors making sure he got the sack from the Dragons. Let that be known. I am a big wheel . When I say something it happens. You know that is how it is. So I say Gasnier must play and there are not enough Roosters in the side at this point. NSW are kidding themselves if you can't put a league jersey on Ryan Cross for three nights. Tell me why you can't play union in WA and league for NSW??

Braith Anasta in the 5/8 jersey. First Picked. Most likely to get blown by me after the game. Win-Win...Win.

Halfback. I have written extensively on this subject. As I said there, it is all Brett Finch. Former Rooster, beautiful flowing blond hair. Guys like this excite me.

Props: Need to pick three... Your new Roosters Mason and O'Meley must start. Apparently Luke bailey is a decent player, but not the kind of guy you want on your team. Other guy you have to pick here is Anthony Tupou.

In the backrow, you have to say Anthony Laffranchi is the first picked. The newspapers confirmed he didn't do anything illegal. He simply put a girls hand on his johnson and who hasn't done that before. When I interviewed Sonny Bill the other week, could you see his hands??? I think not. It is a natural male urge and fuck you for judging me or the Frank. Ben Ikin was saying you have to pick Gallen and Bird, and I am not saying they are not guys you want on your team, but how do you make room for Fitzgibbon and SONNY FUCKING BILL if you pick them. I will fill the paperwork out to make it happen, Sonny Bill will play.

Hooker.. Farah versus Buderus. Two very unsexy men. Neither of them wear the tricolours.. you think I care who wins this battle? I don't. Buderus because I think he is a gritty matchwinner. Farah played for Lebanon so I can't see how you can play for Lebanon and NSW unless you are Sonny-Bill-Hot!

Two bench spots left. I will pick Kurt Gidley and Ricky Stuart. You can't tell me that Ricky can't play better off the bench than the other clowns vying for the NSW halves spots!