Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Demons Pain

Although Melbourne's captain D. Neitz is set to miss the next eight weeks with a pain in the neck, how many weeks will it take to solve the Demons pain on the field. A candid Neitz is determined to help from the sidelines, despite being of little help on the field in the last 5 games being quoted as saying "why go on and why bother". Sitting last on the table with 0 wins from their first 5 games and favourites to win the wooden spoon, I ask exactly that - why bother?
This season the Demons will be striving for a 1st round draft pick. An absolute joy to watch for all Demons and AFL fans over the coming 17 rounds. Surely AFL should consider some incentive for teams as woeful as the Demons not to lay down and play misere.
However given that the real pain in the neck of Demons' fans was winning more than 4 games last year, and as such have lost the chance to steal draft picks 1 and 2 next year, the only strategy left this year is to make sure they don't stuff up and win 5 this season.

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