Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WHAB Punishment Post: In Praise of the Bossinator.

A richly deserved punishment post for the Professor, having dropped his entire $100 over the weekend. Must be said that I came within a poofteenth of a $229 multi as Manly couldn't put the Bulldogs away by 13+. I blame Bani. Had his chance to stop a try and score a try that would have done it for me.

Anyway, to the punishment post. The Captain (who should be punished himself for dropping $78) has required me to write a glowing post in praise of Glen Boss. Ouch.

It makes sense to bet on Boss in the big races. It would seem that noone manages to gain himself more big rides than he. I really liked Triple honour for the Doncaster - however, Bossy on board made me look elsewhere. That is a dumb thing to do. Hence, why I deserve this. So, lets put down a first strength for Bossy - that is, his ability to pick out a fine horse for the big races.

A second strength is his ability to win the rides on horses that would obviously have a massive group of jockeys trying to negotiate rides on them. When Blake Shinn couldn't ride Sebring, there would have been a big group looking for that ride, but kudos to Bossy - he got the ride.

More often than not, he also puts these good horses where they need to be to win. As much as his whip waving and other shenanigans made me sick on Makybe Diva, it must be said that the horse was never beaten by a sloppy ride. Given that at least half of the field in the Melbourne cup run into some sort of trouble, the fact that Bossy didn't get into trouble in three straight Melbourne Cups is pretty good stuff.

And what about his 'carry on' when he wins?? It's what the kids want. It's what the commentators want. You ask most people on the street what they want if they go to the races and they say: 'I want Bossy to win, and then I want to watch him whoop it up for hours after the race.'

You can say that the Jockey is only as good as the horse under him, but you can say the same thing about that most boring of sports - motor racing. Do they give the formula one trophy to the car, the pit crew or the billion dollar owners??? No, they give it to Schuey. Glen Boss, you are the Schuey of horse racing. I will back you on the weekend if you are on board something I like. Just don't expect me to keep the TV on when you wave your whip and start talking.

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