Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walters Joke

Well with the Broncos' top coaching job up for grabs, every man and their dog submitted applications. Some applied under the addage of 'you've got to be in it to win it' and 'there's no harm in trying'. But K.Walters must have been the only one taking his application seriously. After Bellamy announcing his commitment to a Folau-less Melbourne side, every B rate coach in the country had their hearts in their mouth, Walters included. With the news hitting the stands that Bronco's assistant coach Ivan Henjak will be taking over every punter could see the value in the decision - except Walters. Running to the media over the Bronco's handling of the affair, the Ipswich Jets coach was annoyed that he recieved the mail via a group text message. Boo hoo Walters.

While former Brisbane icons, Langer and Webcke have been accomodated by Henjak to be included in the coaching line up, Walters has been left a mirror - I suggest he uses it. How about trying to first get your hands on the coaching position at Broncos' feeder club Aspley before getting excited that you can coach.

The Bronco's have always been known for looking after their own, with Lewis gifted the coaching job at Gold Coast and then as News presenter, Webcke as a news presenter, Ikin as a joke of a commentator and who could forget the Alan Langer cologne. It's no doubt that being a Bronco gifts you jobs which you are obviously not capable of, but the difference is those players forementioned could either play football or knew they couldn't and married the coach's daughter (Ikin you sly bastard).

Wake up walters you aren't worth the phone call, you aren't worth squat Walters.

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