Thursday, April 17, 2008

Betting post part 1 - Professorial tips of excellence.

So as I said earlier, it takes BRASS BALLS to come back and win some currency. We have $50 to play with for regular sports and $50 to play with on the Slipper this weekend. Not certain about my Slipper bets yet, so just going to put up some regular sports at this stage.

Manly had been playing very well until they played how they usually play against the Storm. That is, extremely poorly. They run into the horrible Eels this weekend and one feels that the ship is about to be righted on Friday night.

Lets play with $18 on the Eagles at $2.20.

Penrith ran into the hottest team in League last weekend and now run into one of the games most boring. Think that they will get up here. Have $15 on them to win at @2.60. Lets fatten up that Christmas turkey with making it a multi - Penrith (straight) @ 2.60 * Melbourne (+12.5) @ 2.15 for a nice payout of $5.59.

I'll have $10 on that... yes I will.

$7 left to play with. Let's talk about a fat multi bet here. The Tigers to cover the 5 point start against the Rabbitohs * the Panthers by 1-12 * the NAVY BLUES to cover the 20.5 against the Demons. I'll have a little piece of that action at $16.60.

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JB said...

If the Panthers lose you maximum return is $39.60. If they win, a potential $250.70. Brass balls.