Thursday, April 10, 2008

The little Gould urban acheivers

Phil Gould: When I look back at my life I think of competitors bested, challenges met, obstacles... overcome. What makes a man mister Ikin??

Ben Ikin: BEN IKIN!

PG: Maybe you're right... maybe you're right. What I think makes a man is the ability to do what's right... no matter what the cost. That's why I am donating some of my considerable time and money to set up the Phil Gould urban acheivers. These awards - scholarships if you will - will be awarded to young NRL players from poor backgrounds. Hopefully these will allow them to continue playing the greatest game of all.

The winners will be allowed to live at my house free of charge (of course I am hoping they don't mind the occasional erotic massage), Will be allowed to wear anything in my wardrobe

BI: Who won this week?

PG: Well, I think it is unreasonable that Sonny Bill Williams can't be picked for NSW. I am on record as saying that. I will say it again, Sonny Bill should be allowed to play Origin. Why should someone be excluded for playing for NSW just because they are also playing for New Zealand. It doesn't make sense. It would be equally unreasonable if just because he is quite well payed that he can't win the inaugural Phil Gould little urban acheiver award - and come over to my place for a week of "rewards." As such, Sonny Bill in a landslide.

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