Monday, April 21, 2008

Well... I won this week

So now the only decision is on my punishment posts...

Thought long and hard about them. Decided on a nice group post for JB and the Captain.
Decided on a Margaret and David 'At the Movies' style post where the boys write conflicting reviews on this weeks installment of 'The Footy Show.' JB can be Margaret, El Capitan can be David.

This works for me on sooo many levels. While I am doing anything but watching the lamest show on television, the boys have to 1) watch the footy show (punishment in itself) and then get the pen and paper out to give nice analytical reviews of the douchebaggery of Paul Vautin, and whoever else happens to be on.

Captain: You will be mainly positive. Talk about how Gus moved you with his interviews and rants and how the Primary school humour was just what you needed.

JB: You will be mainly negative. They are too old for primary school humour, Gus is a twat etc...

This will be ball tingling fun for all involved. Or at least for me.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!
Hello, Hello...


Captain Carnage said...

Can't ever say I've taken the time to watch David and Margaret. They sound old. This should be easy though because Phil Gould...articulate, relevant... the voice of reason.

Professor Chaos said...

Phil Gould is articulate now???
You know the old clowns on "at the movies," any film review persona will do.

Captain Carnage said...

Add well-spoken, subtle and of supreme intelligence. The thinking man's commentator. And an all round nice guy.

Hey, I'm pretty good at this mainly positive critique stuff. How are you enjoying it Professor?!

Professor Chaos said...

Tell me how much you LOVED Bono telling you how it is though!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!