Saturday, April 5, 2008

JB's Lock and Shoe In Tips - Safe as Houses!

Well if your looking on a Saturday for weekend tips then you must be shit out of luck, but your first pick of the day was coming to JB for some get out of Jail, pay the rent on Monday, lock and shoe in tips.

Last $50.....

$20 on sharks against the dragons, paying $ 3.75 to win by 12 or less. Sharks have had some good wins early against teams they will struggle to beat later in the year, they can get the win over a dragons team that are revelling in the fact that they won't be coached by Brownie next year. Sharks will do it with defence and will be lucky to score more than 18 themselves.

Something to keep you charging in the early hours of the night and pay for drinks until breakfast the next morning is $20 on Arsenal to win over Liverpool in tonights early EPL match. Paying $2 and looking the better of the two teams in the UEFA match earlier in the week. At home and too good, double your money and keep partying.

Sunday Session
Last $10 is on multi-bet ticket Manly/Souths - Geelong40+/Melbourne - Man Utd/M'brough; because you have to pay rent on Monday.

Don't let me catch you with your girlfriend

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JB said...

sunday multi paying $2.13