Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday is a punting day!

Hello all.. time to restore some pride after last weekends disaster. -24 not a terrible result but the fact that I went down to JB is a cause for alarm early on!

Anyway, no panic for the Professor of sports betting.
Will spread it around a bit this weekend (like your mum)- covering all the major sports and a little on the horses as well. That's one of the mantras of your successful investor - diversify to minimise risk. The other mantra of course being "let all your jail time be in minimum-security- resort-prison..." So onwards to the betting.

Lets start with some rugby league, your cask wine of sport. Have made it my first rule for the successful sports bettor that 1) We stay well the fuck away from Friday night football games. Why?? Well it sucks to lose. It sucks even more when you are losing and hearing Phil Gould giving your vanquished loser grief. Even more when the "I told you so's" begin. St George are a rubbish football team. Let's get that out there. North Queensland may have turned the corner last week. So I will take $10 on the Cowboys at $2.15.

Some AFL, the Rose of sport. A little gay, but not always bad. Adelaide are paying a PHAT $2.80 against Hawthorn. Both teams have been really good this year. So if Adelaide win, there will likely be not much in it. So I will have $10 on Adelaide by 1-24 at $4.20

Rugby Union.. The Chateau Rothschild of sport. Something on the Waratahs after last weekend sounds like fun. $10 on them @ $2.

Soccer... Liverpool have been busy with some tough matches in the last few weeks. Hard to bet against them at Anfield but I simply abhor these Merseyside douchebags with every fiber of my being. So I will throw $5 on the Rovers at $6.50 and $5 on the draw at $3.60.

Horse Racing.. Marching in the Guineas tomorrow - $10 on that at best price.

There we go.. pride to be restored this weekend one hopes, if not I am sure that JB will give me something else to write about. Honestly, could have been worse than writing a piece that alludes to Phil Gould's arrogance and desire to have wild sex with Sonny Bill. Allegedly.

Happy punting!

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