Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your Friday night Football preview: Bulldogs v Roosters.

This is being billed as a massive game. And rightly so.. Both teams are playing some high quality football and are coming off wins against two of the competition heavyweights in the last round. Does it need any extra hype? Channel 9 thinks so. Without further ado, here is your FNF preview!


Bulldogs: 1. Luke Patten, 2. Hazem El Masri, 3. Tim Winitana, 4. Willie Tonga, 5. Heka Nanai, 6. Ben Roberts, 7. Daniel Holdsworth, 8. Jarrad Hickey, 9. Corey Hughes, 10. Kane Cleal, 11. Sonny Bill Williams, 12. Andrew Ryan, 13. Lee Te Maari.

Roosters: 1. Anthony Minichiello, 2. Amos Roberts, 3. Setaimata Sa, 4. Sam Perrett, 5. Shaun Kenny-Dowall, 6. Braith Anasta, 7. Mitchell Pearce, 8. Mark O'Meley, 9. Riley Brown, 10. Nate Myles, 11. Willie Mason, 12. Anthony Tupou, 13. Craig Fitzgibbon

Head to Head betting:

Bulldogs: $2.45 Roosters $1.55


Bulldogs (+4.5) $1.95 Roosters (-4.5) $1.87

Story that Channel 9 will hype more than it deserves:
Willie Mason's return to play his former team is already receiving more publicity than it deserves. Expect more on tonights footy show where both players are being given a seperate segment of the "Gould treatment." As far as I know that is a blow job followed by a condescending interview but only time will tell here. At least Willie gets to go first.

Players return to their old teams every fucking week. This week, 'we'll have a bowl' favourite Lance Th'ompson returns to his old sucking ground to play the Dragons. Who cares, certainly not Phil Gould who doesn't like giving the Gould Treatment (as above) to other Red Heads. I am sure Ben Hornby respects LT less after he left the Dragons. If ever there was a mediocre game of football that needed a dose of hype it is the Dragons v the Sharks.

Gould likes to be the best looking redhead in any room. Bad news for LT this weekend.

The really interesting story:
This is going to be a great game.

The player that Phil Gould will insult your intellegence by "discovering": Anthony Tupou. Sure he has been picked for origin. Sure, he plays great football and anyone who watches him play thinks he is pretty good. That won't stop Channel 9's premiere league analyst from telling you that he thinks the "kids got a big future." Thanks Gus.

Ray Warren gets paid the big bucks to tell you:
"I just noticed that Willie Mason looks like a good player." Thanks Rabs.

Over/Under on Gould's video referee bashing:
17.5 mentions.
It's a big game. The smart money is to take the over.

If you are going to the game:
You deserve whatever you get. Bulldogs fans are retarded at the best of times.

The game ball goes to:
Jarrad Hickey. The Dogs get hammered unless they get some great go forward.

The Channel 9 man of the match award goes to:
Sonny Bill. There are no other Bulldogs.

I have $20, should I bet on the Roosters, Bulldogs or buy my kid some food?
Bulldogs. Your kid is fat. The Roosters had a hard game last weekend and the Bulldogs had a pretty low-tempo game against a surprisingly flat Tigers team. The $2.45 is great value and should be considered a deposit on a carton of Winfield Blues.

Enjoy your winnings. Don't just get Winnie Blues. Make it a pouch you classy man!

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