Thursday, April 24, 2008

Breathing new life into the Summer of Cricket...

Following up on the Captains controversial post on the success of the IPL and what it potentially means for the flagging format to the domestic summer of cricket, I have considered a new format.

1) The 50 over game is practically dead in the water. At best, lets go with playing each visiting team 3 times. That way there are no ties in which Australia is not involved. That way there are only 6 limited overs games, rather than the old format of 15 or so...

2) Make 20-20 the centrepiece of the limited overs format. But How??? The argument that the Captain alluded to that 3 hours is not enough time to get lagered up at the cricket is a valid one. My thought is keep the 3:00PM to 10:00PM time slot in place. From 3-6, have a curtain raiser state game. Make sure that it is a rivalry game. So for the Gabba curtain raiser, have NSW v QLD, for the SCG curtain raiser, have NSW v VIC etc... Key in negotiating this, Channel 9 must cover this curtain raiser. For too long, Channel 9 have cherry picked international cricket and paid little regard to the state game. If Channel 9 aren't willing to play ball, then this awesome 20-20 concept can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This would put state cricket back on the map.

Follow this with a nice 1+ Hour break from 6-7, so channel 9 can play the news and stick to their guns and make sure that there is never a night without the "I can't believe it's not journalism" stylings of 'A current affair.' Seriously, what is more important - a game of cricket, or assuring the uneducated masses that their poor lot in life is a conspiracy led by the Zionists at the oil companies and banks. For those at the ground, the pub beckons. Or you can stay to watch the Rogue Traders. Whatever, it's your heterosexuality.

This state game could be spiced up as well. Australia picks 9 players, with a bowler and batsman slot left unoccupied. The "viewers choice" best batsman and bowler back up and play the second game. Good times. Gets the fans really involved, makes certain that you see some different names in the Australian team as well.

3) Leave the tests alone. That is all.

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