Thursday, April 17, 2008

And they said it couldn't be done

A big 'hello' to those returning wealthy and a 'nice to meet you' to the poor first time readers. Nothing could help the multi last week with Chelsea putting aside any aspirations of challenging for the title in the premiers league and the less said about Richmond the better. Now for the magic:

Last $50 ...

$20 on the Sharks to destroy what's left of the Professors' aspirations for the Panthers in a tight one by 12 or less paying $3.10

$10 on the Warriors to take care of the Cowboys by 13+ at $7

$10 on Liverpool to take maximum points out of their match with Fulham paying $2. Fulham beat Liverpool earlier this year, they're fighting to stay in the Premiers and Liverpool may well rest several players, but look for Torres to steal their hopes and the win.

$10 on the Bulldogs to do what Fremantle should have done last week paying $3.20 to put 40+ on them

Potential payout of $184, so don't let me catch you with your girlfriend

1 comment:

Professor Chaos said...

Starting to get arrogant with your punting there JB!
I have you this week!