Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fuck you Channel Nine

"You speaka my language?" I asked the girl on the other end of the line...not knowing what I had just phone ordered at Domino's after their internet service was fucked once again, I thought I'd better head down and make sure I was getting something with meat, BBQ sauce and cheese on it, at the very least. "I've got just over 20 mins till season 2012 kicks off", I thought to myself as I waited for my pizza; at this stage I would have taken an ungodly Veg-o-rama just to make it back for kickoff...anyways, I open the door to my house, and with Hungry Jack's in hand, I rush inside and flick to Channel Nine, only to realise that ACA is the business...what the fuck was I thinking? Well, they have another channel, Gem I think it's called, they'll have the NRL SEASON OPENER ON ***LIVE*** for sure... David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston don't play in the NRL...What the fuck disrespect is this? FRIENDS? Are you fucking kidding me?

#$@%********Scene missing*******#$W$%.........................

If anyone out there can find me a serious sporting competition who don't show their season opener live, please contact us at

Channel Nine is an absolute disgrace and do not deserve any sort of broadcast rights to the NRL.
I've been trying to think of any other serious sports competition in the world where you can't watch opening night live....