Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Free To Air TV And Sport Don't Mix

Example #1:

After being run into the ground by this guy;

Former One HD head of programming, let's call him Clive.

One HD have totally given up on sport. Rather than ask why their ratings sucked balls, they have decided to go in a different direction. Whilst mildly interesting, I'm pretty sure Ice Road Trucking is not a sport. If they had of perhaps listened to viewers, or rather had the intelligence to provide some sort of forum for disgruntled viewers to easily share their grievances, if they had of held that anonymous someone responsible for their insulting programming accountable rather than making Clive the scapegoat, if they just had of shown any aptitude for covering sport, surely things could have been different. Sport is hard to fuck up. You just have to give the people what they want. Yes, live sport is good, but you know what, I can't watch a midday Lakers game on a Wednesday because I, like most people, go to work. And I'll be fucked if I'm going to get up at 3am the next morning to watch the replay. I'm not going to spell it out for you how it should play out, hell, I've done that enough times, but all I'll say is that I probably wouldn't be showing Recruits at prime time. Again, it's arguable as to whether Recruiting/Being Recruited could be classified as a sport...

Anyway, the final chapter of my One HD bashing concludes by simply saying that sport is hard to fuck up if you do it right. Just ask Foxsports. And yeah;

Right back at ya "Clive"...

Example #2:

Delaying the blockbuster Broncos vs Bulldogs clash by an hour for the Royal Wedding! When it's on the ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 10 as well! I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'm fucking outraged! Enough said!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Save Todd Carney!

If for no other reason than dishing out some payback for some disgraceful refereeing performances, the NRL needs Todd Carney!

That's for the GF and Tri-Nations final you douchebag!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ponting: The Final Frontier

After delivering us the bumfuck that was an Ashes humiliation on home soil, Punter ended his era as captain with an inauspicious quarter final exit at the World Cup. And then, once he finally let go of the reins, all I heard was "most successful captain ever", from complete douchebags who know fuck-all about cricket. This was mostly from free to air channels obviously. Just because he was captain for long enough to amass most victories in this and that, there's a thing called strike-rate...another thing called common sense...I don't have the time or resources to pull stats out of my ass these days, but I feel comfortable that my opinion of Ponting as the most retarded "highly regarded" captain of all time is well held. And if you really want stats, well here's a fucking stat: Ashes series lost: 3. That's all the stats I need. And this will be the legacy of the man. Anyone who knows anything about cricket isn't fooled by the number of W's on his CV. His fucked up decision to bowl first in the 2nd Ashes Test in 2005 is the reason we started this blog, and now that he has moved on as captain, well I still get pissed off weekly with similarly retarded things that happen in sport, so WHAB will continue on it's merry way. Hell, I'm still pissed off about that decision. I will never forget those fateful words "We'll have a bowl", considering it meant unleashing Brett Lee and Kasper upon England on the mother of all perfect batting pitches...

Adios douchebag.

One gets the feeling that it won't be long before his successor is the primary focus of our rants; he's certainly been in our sights before. And he's learnt everything he knows about captaincy off Punter. So it'll be business as usual here at WHAB...

Our new captain.....fuck me sideways.