Wednesday, April 2, 2008

AFL set to Soar in Western Sydney

Following recent publicity surrounding former AFL icon Wayne Carrey, AFL's forthcoming team based in western Sydney is reaping the benefits. Well as they say, the only bad news is no news, and thanks to the great Wayne Carrey and news of his wife bashing, drug snorting ways, the codes' fan base in western Sydney has dramatically increased. A publicists dream come true. As AFL has struggled for some time to win over the rugby league fans in the mortgage belts of Australia, Carrey's recent appearance on the television show "Enough Rope" with Andrew Denton and other prominent coverage in Australian media has given the people of western Sydney a hero they can identify with.
To date the extensive grass-root campaigns from AFL into the region have lacked the drive and leadership that a Wayne Carrey and Gary Ablett (Snr) bring to a promotional campaign of this type. Its all about identifying your market and packaging the game in a way your customers can relate to.
Proposed team names for the new franchise include the "Wild Cats", "Bricks", "Dead Presidents", and "Cranksters". Any of these will sure to be a hit with the growing legion of supporters as AFL throws down the gauntlet to NRL in the chase for fans.


pippinu said...

Nice blog! By the way, it's Wayne Carey, with one "r".

Captain Carnage said...

Ah, so it's not Jim Carrey's brother you're talking about!