Friday, April 25, 2008

Last $50 - better turn it into something of use

Well, I made you some money, sure not enough to cover the bets, but how many times do I have to cover your ass. Not to fear for this week I have something special for you: MULTI-MADNESS!!

Mother of all Multis:
Broncos/Rabitohs(1.21), Titans/Warriors(1.45), Bulldogs/West Coast(1.25), Geelong/Fremantle(1.18), Brisbane/Melbourne(1.10), Manchester City/Fulham(1.87), Arsenal/Derby(1.27), Portsmouth half-ball/Blackburn(1.29), Newcastle half-ball/West Ham(1.52). Paying $13.26, lets put $10 on it.

$10 on the multi Cowboys/Storm(2.15) and Manly to beat the Bulldogs by less than 13(3.00)total of $6.45
$10 on the Sharks to beat the Tigers by less than 13 paying $3.15

$10 on a the risky multi comprising a draw between Manchester United v Chelsea(3.20), Bolton to draw or do better against Tottenham($1.85)and Liverpool to beat Birmingham City(2.45) paying a total $14.50

Well I'm thinking I need more reason to hate Richmond, so I will take them to beat Hawthorn by less than 40(5.00) and to make it interesting let's combine with St Kilda to beat Port Adelaide by less than 40($2.85) for $14.25, a nice return for my last $10.

Plenty here for you to sort out, take your time, don't be rude, but whatever you do, don't let me catch you with your girlfriend.

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