Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The IPL has still got a month to go, and as someone who had become increasingly bored by cricket over the past year, that is great news.

The IPL has shown just how stale the game in Australia has become.

The other odd thing that the IPL has shown me is just how boring the current Australian unit has become.

I cheer for any team against the Knight Riders because I am not a Ricky Ponting fan. But in the same breath, I cheer for them because I would love noone to replace him more than David Hussey.

Loving Mumbai. Any team that has the most underrated Redhead in cricket - the Thorne - has to be in with some sort of chance to creep off the bottom of the table. Much has been made of their slow start to the IPL series - but it is a long series and you have to think they will bounce back in time.

I see no reason in future that you can't get an Australian based team into the IPL. All games would have to still be held in India, but with their love of the game, you could still imagine that the crowds would flock to see this.

The Auction system would still have to apply to this franchise for marquee players from around the world. But, like the Indian sides, the remaining half of the team would be filled with domestic players who didn't sell at Auction. You could still cobble together a bunch of guys like crowd pleasing Doug Bollinger, Pomersbach, 20-20 superstar in the making S.C.G. MacGill, and many others.

The key would be making the name as ludicrous as the Indian team names..
You could try a terrible T.V. show reference like the Knight Riders (The Bondi Baywatch)
a thinly veiled smoking propaganda reference like the Super Kings (The Penrith Winfield Blues)
or many others...

Let's make this happen Australia!!!
Leave ludicrous team names in the comments.


Captain Carnage said...

The Pittsworth Rodeo Clowns? What do you reckon JB? It's a little bit country...and a little bit Jack Johnson. Or what about the South Sydney (I'm Russell!) Crow(e)s perhaps?

Captain Carnage said...

Did anyone see the 'Knight Riders' mascots before the match last night? The were guys on stilts in the Knight Riders jumbo sized strip. Hilarious!

JB said...

I think if Australia was to enter the IPL, then we should be focusing on inserting superlatives in front of the existing teams:
WA Wanking Warriors
NSW Big Blues
QLD Raving Reds
SA Ridiculous Redbacks
VIC Boorish Bushrangers
TAS Toothless Tigers