Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brisbane's Courier Mail resolute...

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper sports editor Brian Burke has rejected criticisms directed at his Saturday sports pages relating to a complete lack of coverage of the Bulldogs-Roosters clash the previous night. "No-one in QLD cares about the Bulldogs or the Roosters or Sonny Bill or Willie Mason," he said. "It's all Broncos, Titans and Cowboys when it comes to NRL". The response came after the publication made no reference at all to the match which was won 40-12 by the Roosters. Many pundits are left questioning the integrity of the paper but Burke is adamant he knows what is best for Queenslanders. "Look, get off our case, we previewed the Sharks-Dragons clash, used a full page to tell our readers all about how Andy Roddick finally knocked off the Fed Express and gave Brisbane's underground "Highlanders Abroad" organisation a detailed description of how their team registered their first win of the season against the mighty Lions of South Africa. As well as covering the Brisbane-Sydney rivalry round clash at the 'Gabba! What's the problem?". Burke cited the Highlanders win as "by far and away the highlight of the sporting week thus far" and quipped "next week I'll pinch one of Bart Sinclair's pages, I mean, who really gives a stuff about racing anyway!".

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