Friday, April 11, 2008

Never gonna let you down, never gonna give you up

Every right to be singing some Rick Astley after last weeks triumphant start. No doubt you were able to pay your bills and have a little extra to treat the Professors wife to something special. Hey, although it was only 1 out of 3, it was a winning 1 out of 3. This week we'll go for a similar formula to help see you cover the rent.

Last $50 ...

$20 on the Roosters to cover 13 against Penrith paying $3.15

$10 on Newcastle to get at least a point out of their match against Portsmouth paying $1.70
$10 on Middlesbrough to do likewise against Tottenham paying $2.10

$10 on: Geelong/St Kilda - Bulldogs/Essendon - Freemantle/Richmond - Chelsea/Wigan . Paying out $2.64.

And as always - Don't let me catch you with your girlfriend


Professor Chaos said...

Bet on the Panthers to get rolled at your own peril Astley.

Gay 80s references. Don't let me catch you sprouting something from Purple Rain next time in....

Fuck, you will take that as a challenge.

Captain Carnage said...

You would have had 2 weeks worth of rent if not for Fremantle!

Captain Carnage said...

N.B. 'e' buddy.