Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Professor's $50 Mocassin investment

The Moccasin is a tough gig this year. That's probably what has made it such a fun preview. Anyway, $50 does not leave me the cash flow to get too exotic as I like half of the field! So just win/place stuff here.

$10 Win: Related

$7 Each way: Reann

$3 Each Way: Siderius

$10 Win: Augusta Proud

$10 Win: Sugar Babe.

The toss up was between She's Meaner, Sugar Babe and Portillo for that last position. Knock on Portillo was his three straight weeks in work. Sugar Babe versus She's Meaner just came down to the barrier being more likely to hurt She's Meaner than Sugar Babe.

If you end up finding better than $25 about Over the Wicket, you should probably get a piece of that action as well.

All of the tips in this (and the other boys posts) will be "best price" as given by Sportingbet.

Good luck to all!
Except the other two merchants...

El Professorino.

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