Friday, April 18, 2008

Lance Thompson Quits: Cites years of mediocrity

Shire stalwart and WHAB favourite Lance T'hompson retired from Rugby league last night, provoking those in the know to race out to their local betting shops and plunge on the Sharks this weekend. 'They'll be doing it for Lance' this weekend, says Panthers forward Tony Puletua. 'I don't know how we can possibly beat them.' [Editors note, this is the biggest myth in sport may it die a horrible death - starting this weekend!]

When we at WHAB think of big LT, we think of a glorious career notable for:

1) 14 years of mediocrity.
2) Being the least gay looking man called Lance... ever.
3) Being on 6 premiership favourite Dragons teams and winning... well, none.

Thanks LT, I only got to write about you a few times. May you enjoy retirement.
Now the real test for you old mate is to prove that being a red-haired-ex-leaguey does not automatically make you a complete cock.

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Captain Carnage said...

SJ is no doubt devastated!