Friday, April 25, 2008

The Footy Show Under the Spotlight

Welcome to this weeks painful review of what surely has cost me more than I ever cared to bet with, the ANZAC special of the Footy Show. With its usual inept cast of part wannabe football analysts, part ass clowns, this was one hour of poorly produced, poorly executed, poorly scripted, eyeball fucking.

If its one thing these bandits of ass love to do more than rape, is to pillage the remains of respect this fair game has left. The heinous crime of pitching their disgrace of a show to the ANZAC day commemorations really shrivelled my ball sack. This surely was a sack tearing administration of obnoxious anecdotes that would have our diggers turning in their grave. The grand act of wheel-chairing old fart Rabbits in for the occasion pays no respect to the elderly, it does nothing more than add anguish to hurt.

The height of viewing pain was brought on by the black and white interview held with Brad Fitler. Father Gus Gould surely has touched many a young catholic man, but how can any one stand by and watch him swing from the balls of Fitler by his mouth. A true crime against humanity.

It was best that after sitting through a Gould interview, many were in too much shock to be aware of the painful cover of Cat (Yusuf)Stevens. But unfortunately too many would have recovered in time to endure the worst 5 minutes of television history - Lutsy harassing the Titans in his dick togs. If any one has the titans to win this weekend, be afraid, that shit can scare.

The shinning light of the show came in the form of the female football fan from the roosters. That girl was fucking hot, drop that average looking Kenny Sutcliffe love child who is the current lady luck and give holly the roosters fan a bikini.

Well what can I say, archaic broadcasting regulations enforces a certain amount of locally produced television each week, surely the ombudsman needs to start enforcing some base level of standards to exclude this deplorable act of intolerable cruelty that is the Footy Show.


Professor Chaos said...

Ah, too long has it just been me on this site that would use phrases such as "nutshack shrivelling" well played, sir.

Professor Chaos said...

The post would be aptly titled, more UNDERBELLY, less GOULD!

Can't wait to see how the Captain gives this horrible show praise in his post.

Too cruel for the betting comp. Too cruel by a long shot.

How many stars do you give it big unit?