Monday, April 14, 2008

Bulldogs seek answers: Go on bonding trip to Coffs Harbour

Bulldogs coach Steve Folks, stunned by his teams inept performances against the Roosters and then in New Zealand on the weekend was strangely upbeat this morning. 'The leadership group came to me in New Zealand and told me they had planned a bonding excursion to Coffs straight after the game.' Folks told reporters today. Apparently it was a success, 'the boys were a little frazzled at training today, but geez they put in for each other.'

According to an unnamed Bulldog, the trip was about having each others back. 'If you have pulled a train with the bloke next to you in the defensive line, you trust him.' The admission raised some eyebrows but Folks said it was about getting back to the glory days of the Bulldogs. 'This is old school Bulldogs stuff. Noone does it better than us.' The same unnamed Bulldog continues: 'You have no idea how much pressure the cops put on you to talk. Lie to a detective for a mate. See what that does to team morale. You'll lie for me, I know you will slide when you need to slide, or go up and in when you need to go up and in.' The Bulldogs have a game at home against the dragons on Saturday night. The Dragons had better bring their "a-game" because the Bulldogs will be firing if their bonding trip has been a success.

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