Friday, April 18, 2008

The humanity!

Thought I might gently break to the Captain that I am likely to tip Related tomorrow.
We both rallied hard against it in our Golden Slipper preview [below]. So why the change of heart???

iff [nerd alert - if and only if] they are swimming tomorrow at Rosehill this is my horse. It's Grand sire [Mr Prospector] due to some of the wonderful oddities of genetics, has produced the greatest line of mudlarks ever. This oddity I found, is due to having some sort of mong leg that loves give in the ground.

So, as I said, if you wake up tomorrow and find me advising $25 on Related, I have not gotten caught up in the hype. I am not getting in to the we love Bart crap that seems to be endemic everytime he has a runner in a big race, anywhere. For Christ's sake - Miss Meliss was a Melbourne Cup favourite at one point. I have actually blown off an afternoon at work reading about the wonders of wet track genetics.

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