Saturday, April 26, 2008

Footy Show turns me on Margeret!

What a delightful frolic was the NRL’s Footy Show this week! All the elements of great entertainment were on show and the cast was to die for. Adding to the brilliant performances of the hosts was a cameo performance from Ray “Rabbits” Warren and a snippet of some of his signature work in the 1970’s.

The evening began with a tribute to the great man Warren. The panel looked back on some of the finer and also more humorous moments of his illustrious career. The highlight was some old footage of Warren’s commentary appearing on the TV Show McCloud. This swashbuckling scene had Warren’s crooning voice running us through some hilarity courtesy of Dennis Weaver on horseback shooting people! I haven’t laughed so hard in years, my oh my, what treat!

The program then moved on to a gripping interview with one of the most astute gentlemen in rugby league, Brad Fittler. A great coach already, Fittler provided us with much insight into the game as Phil Gould put to the big questions to his protege. The camera work during this chance rendezvous was divine; colour to black and white; black and white to colour; I watched on transfixed!

Maybe the show continued from this point but as Renee Zellweger once said “You had me at Hello Welcome to the Footy Show”. Comic genius! Good on you boys, keep it coming!

P.S Lady Luck has not the hotness her part requires. She needs to be at least three times hotter…

P.P.S I believe there was a smidgen of rugby league talk in the script. That’s Gold!

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