Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Douchebag Of The Week...

The Captain's inaugural Douchebag Of The Week award goes to...Harbhajan Singh! Well that's a surprise I hear you all say. But the fact of the matter is that this guy needs to be put in his place. Had their careers crossed paths, Dennis Lillee would have taken this guy to the carpark and beaten the bejesus out of him. Crazy South African all rounder Brian McMillan would have come out all guns toting if some little turd of a man had of given him any lip. And Darren 'Boof' Lehmann would no doubt have called him very nasty names (but cunningly under his breath to avoid another suspension). Andrew Symonds should have cleaned him up when he had an excuse to.

Harbhajan has been banned for 11 matches which is effectively the rest of the IPL tournament given Mumbai's dreadful record so far. But is it really long enough for this obnoxious weed? It's clear that very few people like the man, even his own teammates now. He had already been banned for three Tests in Australia after making 'alleged' racial remarks to Symonds, only for the powers that be to let him off when they realised their balls were the size of peas. I don't think anyone for a second believes that Harbhajan was partaking in friendly, well-meaning banter with Symonds. At least this time there's a bit of hard ball being played out after this horrid tosser bitch slapped one of his Indian national teammates for no apparent reason.

Sure Sreesanth shouldn't have blubbered like a five year old girl. And sure the punishment in the instance seems about right. But I can't stand Harbhajan. He makes me not want to watch cricket and the next time he is charged for misconduct Captain Carnage will be leading the charge to see this wanker banned for life and representing cricket in the International Sporting Douchebag Of The Decade Awards.

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