Friday, April 18, 2008

Time to 'Slip'er' one

Well this week we are treated to an extra $50 for the slipper and be sure JB won't leave you at the finishing post with anything but winning tickets.

There's no denying that the only thing better than picking the horse that wins is to pick the horse who's paying the most. So with that in mind, a little something something to get you into the taxi headed out, rather than the courtesy bus headed home.

$8 Each way on Portillo ($15)
$8 Each way on Sugar Babe ($15)
$8 Each way on She's Meaner ($15)
2 x $1 Trifecta:
1. Augusta Proud 1. Sebring
2. Portillo 2. She's Meaner
3. Sugar Babe 3. Sugar Babe

It's more than a punt - its a lifestyle

1 comment:

Professor Chaos said...

Well, well... some interesting punts there big unit.