Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Harbhajan Singh Press Conference

HS: Good Day sirs, I have invited you here to make a public apology for the incident in the recent 20-20 match with Sreesanth.

Journalist: Can you guarantee that it will never happen again?

HS: In public. I can truly tell you that I will not strike another player. Let me also say this. Sreesanth: You have been warned. The next one will be in private. And it will be a monkey-slap.

Journalist: What's a monkey slap???

HS: Well, you take off your trousers and...

Journalist: oh... a turkey slap.

HS: See, I don't know what a monkey is. Clearly I was calling Symonds a turkey - that is not racist at all, right???

Editors Note; Here at WHAB, we wish to mark the momentous occasion of Harbajhan Singh Turkey Slapping Sreesanth with a limited edition Franklin Mint (only 100 will ever be made) T-Shirt. We thought about making a shirt for Adam Gilchrist's 200th IPL run, but Channel Nine will probably beat us to the punch!

- Impress your friends!

- Show your support for slapping Sreesanth!

- Have an icebreaker shirt for the ladies...

- Piss off the Stasi/Fun Police at Australian cricket venues with a shirt that must violate one of their ludicrous fan laws!

Anyway, you can view the shirt here. Get in FAST, this is truly a limited edition lithograph, I mean: shirt.

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