Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Sydney Telegraph talks Test match...

At my coffee house of choice this morning, only a copy of the Sydney Telegraph was available to me and in the years since I have last picked up this paper, not much has changed. The feature sports article this morning was a tour of room '320,' the "lair" in which Australia's two toughest men reside prior to this weekends test. Apparently, here is the room where Willie Mason and Carl Webb talk tactics, boxing and the art of being incredibly tough. One does ones best not to laugh... Apparenltly, if Walkley Award favourite Paul Kent is to be believed Webb and Mason have talked a lot of boxing. The discussion has centred on their proposed box-off - which both men are too tough to have.

Anyway, there are much more likely conversation topics in the hallowed Room 320. Surely - as dumb as these two lads are - they would exhaust the topic of how hard they would be to beat the tar out of each other in minutes. A frank and open discussion of the difficulties in being two of the most overrated players in the game would be a great starting point. I thought that they could spend hours discussing how on earth Carl Webb made the team?? Seriously, even as a Professor, I can't solve that particular conundrum. I guess, at least after the Kent left, Mason could thank Webb for making sure that he wasn't alone in the hotel room with the Kentster.

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