Friday, May 23, 2008

WHAB Off topic: ZaettaGate

I was watching family guy last night when the "big news" came to light that Tania Zaetta was furious over rumours that she had been sleeping with Australian soldiers while performing for troops in Afghanistan. This leads to a lot of questions. Firstly, what was Tania Zaetta doing performing overseas for soldiers in the first place. You hear stories about the great entertainer Bob Hope performing for U.S. soldiers during WWII and this seems a far cry from that. Was Gretel Kileen busy?? WHAB sources say: probably not.

Does Zaetta sing or something? All I can recall of her work was as the sidekick to consumate entertainer Mike Whitney on "who dares wins" about 10 years ago. Using that as the benchmark, surely I could perform a couple of shows in RSL clubs with one of these:


[ROLF HARRIS STYLZ] and get myself an all expenses trip to Afghanistan.

The second burning quesiton must be: Who leaked this malicious rumour? Whilst it is tempting to think (knowing the soldier mates that I have) that horny soldiers are to blame for spreading this rumour. But I would lay my money down on the person that leaked Tania Zaetta being passed around like a doobie by Soldiers was: Tania Zaetta. Welcome back to showbiz, kid.

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Captain Carnage said...

We'll Have A Bowl: Australian Sports Blogging at it's finest...! Full marks for mentioning Mike Whitney nonetheless. "I'll give ya fifty bucks if ya cut off one of ya balls! Alright, I'll make it $75!".