Friday, May 23, 2008

Your Group Financial Review for this week!

Not bothering to split my tips into Sport/Racing this week. I have me $100 to play with and I am going to make quite the killing.

Did we mention that JB won last week? His punishment posts for us are a Synchronised Swimming preview (me) and Rhythmic Gymnastics for the Captain. We will be posting those previews when they come up in the alphabetical cycle.

Would love to tell you to back Helideck in the Doomben 10,000 but Weight For Age is a massive test. Let's get one thing very clear though. You should get some $$$ on the Deck for the Stradbroke before the weekend. The Deck will enjoy a 7kg swing on Apache Cat, dropping to 52 kgs and I think will be almost unstoppable at that weight if it holds its form. Any sort of promising run tomorrow will see the Deck shorten into clear favouritism. The $8 is going to be fun while it lasts.

Anyway, on to my last $100. I will have $15 on Reigning to Win for the 10,000.
$20 on the double Hurricanes - Waratahs at $4.31
$20 on the Navy Blues into the Swans at $4.37
$10 on Hawthorn to be pushed by the Demons and win by less than 25 at $5.10
$15 on Cocktail supreme in BR3 - a ridiculous price of $11 at the moment. Can someone please explain to me 1) why the Cocktail is not favourite or at least b) why it is carrying less than Main Vein under handicap conditions.
$10 on Eskimo Dan in BR6
$10 on Helideck

Would love a bit more time this week to continue the good form proper, as it is will give something for you all to think about as you lay out your hard earned.

$50 Win on Rabbuka in Race 4 at Randwick
$50 Multi with Manly/St George (1.39), Melbourne/Souths >13 (1.92), Geelong/Collingwood (1.21), Hawthorn/Melbourne (1.05 and don't for the love of life think that this will be close, if the final score is close it is because Hawthorn have opted for early showers), Bulldogs/Kangaroos (1.48) total paying $5.02

After two unlucky weeks that have completely pissed me off it's time to get back on track!

$35 on the Cat in the Doomben 10,000! That's BR 7 folks.
$15 on Key Bar Nights in BR4.

$20 on the Manly/Melbourne/Crusaders/Waratahs at $3.52.
$20 on Hull City @ 2.30 to win the Championship playoff vs Bristol City.
$10 on San Antonio to beat the L.A Lakers in Game 2 @ $3.30.

Good luck to all, hope you can't close your wallet on Monday morning!

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