Monday, May 5, 2008

Punting challenge

The lads are in a bit of a pickle regarding who won this weeks tipping comp. Just so we are not confused though, it is not me.

The Captain is convinced that he gets $25 back for his draw in the City Country game (half the payout for $20 @ 2.50) and JB is convinced that we are looking at his $20 being refunded.

Going to the Sportingbet website for guidance, we find that given that no draw option was given, then the payout should be half of the total payout - i.e. The Captain is right. A Refund only applies in line/handicap betting.

As it stands, I gain +6.50, JB + 72.5 and the Captain + 75.5

Sorry JB, you are joining me on punishment post duty this week.

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