Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap!

Well, thanks to some hot tipping in the AFL this week, I won the last $100 tipping comp. I picked up something in the realm of +38.40, The Captain is unhappy with his loss by $1.40. That's right. He's my bitch for the week over the meagre sum of $1.40. Hell yeah. JB failed to trouble the scorers this week, flushing his funds down the toilet.

AFL Tipping proved the secret of my success. That baffles me somewhat, as there is not that much that I like about the game. Our good friends at sportingmind discussed a ranking of the four Australian football codes on a recent post. For me, AFL is a distant last. My order looks like this:


I love Union having played for many years. I love watching the game, I love playing the game. Soccer recently overtook league in my eyes. It's a harder thing for me to sell to myself at Origin time but typically I would prefer to watch some good soccer than league. Especially with the mediocre commentary that we get. The feature of my top two codes is that they have a valid international focus. Will be getting to heaps of Sydney FC games this year, and stoked to see my team in England promoted to the Premier League on the weekend! Go HULL!

AFL, as I said a distant last. I am sure it would be fun to play... I enjoy watching it when there is no better sport on. It is a clear winner over ANY form of motor racing. It may not be in keeping with the idea of someone who writes a sports blog but motor racing sucks balls. If I have the option of watching a replay of the Simpsons softball episode that I have watched 100+ times or the motor racing, go Simpsons. Ken Griffey and his grossly swollen jaw and all that. I would prefer an uncomfortable chat on the couch with my lady than watching motor racing. It sucks balls. That's all.

Some guy, lets call him Dick Johnson driving a V8 Supercar. It's Bogan and Boring!

Not as "bogany," but equally mindnumbing. Some other guy drives an F1 car. Let's call him David Coulthard. I know it isn't but at least that guy was at least hitting this:

And now hits this:

Anyway from the weekend, Hull's move to the top flight has been my favourite piece of sports news. Not too long ago, these guys were playing in div 3. Apache Cat is a superstar of the highest order. If the Titans can go to Leichardt and almost steal the points they are a SERIOUS football team.

A big piece of news from WHAB headquarters: We have been spending a lot of time covering high profile sports. However it occurs to me that we could do some work adopting and covering a team at the grassroots level. If you play in a sporting team - the worse the better - email us at and suggest your team for the WHAB treatment. Coaching Controversies at 8th grade level?? You bet we want to hear it.

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SportingMind said...

Great post Chaos, though i would never have picked you to be a Rugby "afficionado". I must say that league is slipping on my list, although i enjoy it simply for the amount of social commentary that it provides. Union is a distant last for mine, i'd rather be clad in a Holden tracksuit, drinking VB in my Hills District 2 bedroom watching the Bathurst 1000 than be dragged to an exhibition in scrum tactics, where the last play after the siren is the only exciting moment in the whole charade!