Monday, May 5, 2008

A Plea to Foxsports, ESPN

Why is it that the NBA Playoffs on Foxsports and ESPN are covered less than the regular season? There were at least three regular season games every week, sometimes four, and now there are only two. I was looking forward to watching plenty of competitive matches with no more Miami and Minnesota getting their asses handed to them. But no. The series' are spread out so there are matches every day at his point so the excuse that there are less teams and therefore less matches doesn't hold. The two matches being shown are on Saturday and Sunday in Australia so I miss Saturday's due to my horse racing commitments. Watching a replay is out because of Super Saturday NRL. That leaves me one match only if I don't go visit my parents or get dragged shopping with the missus on Sunday. To think that from Monday night after Monday Night Football (when it's on) to 7.30 on a Friday night I'm just sitting around with nothing to do but blog or actually do some work is depressing. C'mon Foxsports. C'mon ESPY. Give me some midweek NBA!

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