Wednesday, May 14, 2008

QLD Origin Team

What the hell? Thats about the best way I can vent my frustration for the selectors, what the hell. I do believe that Hunt should find himself in a Qld jersey, but with 6 on the back, surely not. Without even considering the players not selected, you would go with Inglis over Hunt as five-eigth every day of the week and twice on origin. Despite the media hype surrounding Prince being left out over Hunt, the real mystery of selection is how did Brent Tate get any sort of look in, let alone a jersey.

Well considering the almost inevitable loss in Sydney, this is the attacking line up that you would want to see coming into the Brisbane leg:

1. Karmichael Hunt
2. Israel Folau
3. Greg Inglis
4. Justin Hodges
5. Billy Slater
6. Darren Lockyer
7. Johnathon Thurston
8. Brad Myers
9. Cam Smith
10. Petero Civoniceva
11. Michael Crocker
12. Sam Thaiday
13. Dallas Johnston
14. Tonie Carroll
15. Nate Myles
16. Scott Prince
17. Matt Bowen

Brad Myers is a more modern forward than Webb, who to be quite frank, looks lazy and unispiring this season. The absolute strength of the NSW team is there ball playing second rowers. Sending sluggish forwards in will play into NSW hands who will look to run the ball up two wide of the ruck and get away the offload. Civoniceva is a relic of the game gone by, but who wouldn't want him in the first 15 mins of an origin.

I don't believe in having a second hooker in a side ala PJ Marsh (who can't get a start in the Brisbane team behind Michael Ennis), especially when the starting hooker for Qld is the best in the game at the moment. Having a second hooker really started with Craig Wing on the bench for NSW a few years ago, but Wing isn't a stand and deliver hooker, he's a strong running, ball player. Even in the current side, to go with Hunt over Prince in the run on side and then to have PJ Marsh on the bench over Prince, one really has to wonder.

Bowen, if uninjured, is pretty much your first pick for any Qld side and despite being left with only two forwards on the bench, the size of Folau and Inglis gives you the potential to slip one of them into second row with Myles, Thaiday and Carroll able to give the props time on the bench.

The Qld selectors are questioning whether Thurston can work with Prince, well if that's the case, and you know the WHAB position on Thurston, Prince has been bent over thrice by selectors out of touch with the game. Tate, I mean really.

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