Friday, May 16, 2008

Beijing games preview: Badminton

Continuing the WHAB's whirlwind tour of Olympic "sports", the next game on the agenda is: Badminton.
Badminton or Asian tennis was ranked the 11th most watched sport at the Athens Olympics and "bad boy" Taufik Hidayat, pictured here enjoying the warm thrill of success that only comes with slapping the cock, didn't let the crowds down winning gold in the mens singles at the last summer Olympics.

With 5 disciplines (mens singles/doubles, womans singles/doubles and mixed doubles) on show at the Peking University Gymnasium we can expect the Aussies to be enjoying plenty of leisure time - I suggest the duck its very good you know.

Top Reasons to watch:
1) It will give you something to talk about with your Indonesian neighbour
2) You were probably forced to play it in physical Ed. at school, so you might as well watch how it is really played
3) There is something about Asians getting fired up on the sporting field
4) Great Olympic drinking game - whenever you hear "cock" you take a shot
5) Knowing that the commentator at some point will praise the "young mans stroke play of the cock"
6) India are pretty good at this game, England think they are, its not my sport, but nothing better than the ex-colonies giving to the mother land
7) One day you will probably end up buying a badminton set for your kids, probably best to know what its all about
8) If China does eventually take over the world, it could be very handy to know a little about the game your new boss plays
9) You get that feeling that you could do this, if you got off the couch
10) Its great to be the world beating sporting nation that we are, but a bit of humble pie from time to time keeps it real

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Professor Chaos said...

I might be a bit more hacky than you JB but I don't think you said Cock nearly enough.

At least a mention of

"that cock got him right in the mouth..."

Also, do you think the Indonesians mock us for playing ball sports? Balls, that's so sexual.