Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rajasthan go down, Boof still absent

After building up the plucky Royals yesterday, I was shocked by how ineptly they played last night. The ineptitude started at the selection table, and was confirmed on the pitch.

A day after lauding a team for employing Shane Warne, Boof and Mascarenhas (the Pirate!!), the Royals couldn't find spots in their 11 for either Boof or Mascarenhas. One can only deduce that Ricky Ponting called Warne overnight and offered some selection advice. 'Well you can't pick Boof. He's fat. And you can't pick Mascarenhas because he has scurvy.' Scurvy you say??

Yarrh! Scurvy..

So with a team as boring as his opposition, though less talented, the Royals went down last night. Boof's spot was taken by Graeme Smith. Smith is known in cricketing circles as boring. When Smith tours Australia, it is known that he likes nothing more than to stay at Matthew Hayden's house and talk about Jesus, cover drives and the perfect shrimp cocktail. Mascarenas' spot was taken by Pakistani firebrand Tanvir. Not much is known about Tanvir, but as a Pakistani player without any match fixing scandals in his past, he can be considered boring.

Having not seen Boof since round one, here at WHAB, a slight panic is developing. If you have seen this man, let us know. He was last seen fleeing from hungry greyhounds.

Any information about the whereabouts of Boof will be rewarded with our standard WHAB prize pack including a years supply of spam, commemorative plaque and one of our fine products from the gift shop.

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