Monday, May 5, 2008

Vossy said what??

Was watching the 'Sunday Roast,' {what a fine programme!} on Sunday last, and couldn't help hearing Andrew Voss say this, in response to a question from some other panelist - possibly the erudite Mark Geyer - about the IPL: 'I think I watched the Butter Chickens play the Lamb Korma's.' Wow. There are two things wrong with this. Last start with the easy one. The Indian team names in the IPL are already fucking hilarious. It would take a comedian of considerable talent to do better. Andrew Voss is not such a genius.

Secondly, you go straight for the curry stereotype {which one hoped died it's horrible death when we saw the last of the comic stylings of Mahatma Coat} - and then can't even pick an interesting curry. Had you dug a little deeper into the bank and come up with the Dehli Dosai vs the Hyderabad Chicken Chettinand with a side of mango chutney. No sir, you did not. You could have gone to an Indian restaurant, grabbed a menu and come up with something via the simple technique of aliteration. That is why they pay you the big bucks.

Indian Friends, send Andrew Voss an email. Don't get creative with your stereotypes. Ask him if he rides a Kangaroo to work. He is involved in Rugby League commentary - so ask him whether he washes down his Winfield Blue with VB or Fosters. Ask him how he manages to remove the red pubes. After all, he is the Robin to Gould's Batman. Or more appropriately the Ace to Gould's garry.

Anyway, a much belated entry into the WHAB Hall of Schruteabaginess.

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