Tuesday, May 13, 2008

QLD Origin team announced

1. Billy Slater
2. Brent Tate?!
3. Greg Inglis
4. Justin Hodges
5. Israel Folau
6. Karmichael Hunt?!
7. Johnathon Thurston
13. Dallas Johnson
12. Sam Thaiday
11. Michael Crocker
10. Petero Civoniceva
9. Cameron Smith (C)
8. Carl Webb

14. PJ Marsh
15. Ben Hannant
16. Nate Myles
17 Jacob Lillyman?!

New South Welshmen are over the moon with the inexplicable selection of Karmicheal Hunt over Scott Prince for the QLD five eighth job. "I was thinking of throwing myself off the Harbour Bridge today, but then I heard the news!" one lucky Blues fan was quoted as saying as WHAB hit the streets of Sydney for response to the selection. "It's better than sex!" claimed another mulleted Sydneysider. The choice dramatically reduces QLD's attacking options and weakens their kicking game. In the handful of games where Hunt has played the position for the Broncos he has looked ordinary and uncomfortable to say the least. Speaking of ordinary, I can't help but wonder if Jacob Lillyman is the second most ordinary player ever picked for Origin football. If you can think of anyone else more ordinary (other than Ben Ikin) please leave it in the comments with your name and contact details.

"I'm a genius Tooves. I've just invented a double quarter pounder with cheese!".

The best/worst answer will receive our WHAB pack. To Brent Tate. Okay out of dummy half...yep that's about it. "Why don't we get him across the ditch for 400k a year? We've had such a hard time finding wingers in New Zealand". He's in very average form for the Warriors and is very lucky to make a QLD team not coached by Wayne Bennett. Just reiterating, Scott Prince is the form half in the NRL and Karmichael Hunt is not a five eighth! Unfortunately for Blues fans the QLD selectors will no doubt realise the extent of their stupidity after Game 1 and we can expect a dose of Prince's tricks for Game 2.


Anonymous said...

Boys - long time reader, first time writer. Keep up the good work.

My nomination for the worst player to pull on a maroon jersey more than once (not wanting to belittle the achievements of the likes of Jeremy Schloss, Alan Cann and Craig Teevan) goes to Brett "Better Dead than Red" Dallas.

Honourable mentions to Chris "Anyone else think he looks like Gary Busey?" Beattie, John "Not Rampaging Roy Slaven" Doyle and Shane "Did he really play Origin" Kelly.


SportingMind said...

Whilst the previous comment suggested Jeremy Schloss - better known as the beneficiary of some of Julian O'Neill's best work - onfield or off-field, i have to add Paul Green to the list of woeful players to play Origin. It is tempting to add John Buttegieg to that list - possibly the fattest league player to don a representative jersey.

Captain Carnage said...

Welcome "Shirtman"! Now don't you be shy, don't bottle it up, if you've got something to say then get it off your chest here at WHAB! Yes I recall the days when I would applaud roundly when the name Brett Dallas was read out on the QLD sheet. Until he scored the most flukey try in the history of Origin to clinch the '95 series. I believe he is currently in England, still somehow scoring 30+ flukey/assisted tries a season at the ripe old age of 47! Man that comp must suck balls!

A shoutout to you also Sportingmind. Paul Green is a very noble nominee and blubberguts Buttigieg would no doubt be high on that particular honour roll until such a time when Michael Weyman gets himself a representative guernsey. Then it will be Weyman fattest, daylight folowing!

Anonymous said...

Cap'n, the only thing worse than seeing BD score that try was watching his equally follicly cursed coach jumping around like an idiot.

Professor Chaos said...

Indeed that was a horrible moment in Sport.

I think Jeremy Schloss played an origin game. How can you leave him out.

And he may not rate as the WORST EVER, but I always felt like it was Christmas day when Dane Carlaw got picked for origin.

Captain Carnage said...

What about the lamest guy to ever play for NSW...Michael Vella. The guy was lucky to be in first grade!

Professor Chaos said...

I think you're being tough on Vella. When he got picked, it was based on a season where he was an animal. He sucked completely after that though. He is very Joel Clinton in that regard, though Clinton never made origin.

Vella is very lucky to have signed the mammoth extension he signed though. 4 years of suckery at $400K! YEs please.