Monday, May 12, 2008


Was looking long and hard on Youtube for the try that the Kiwis scored in the last minute of Friday night's Centenary test.

With Australia up by 22 points, you can afford to lounge around in defence and let a try in. No-one really gives a toss if Johnathon "The Matador" Thurston misses a tackle to let the Kiwi's score in the corner. Misses is maybe an inadequate statement here. The Johnathon Thurston Matador{OLE!} waved his red rag, ran the other way and the try was scored unopposed.

But no-one cared. Least of all the man who thought that Australia could cover the 17.5 point start pretty easily and invested accordingly. At least Thurston directed the play into the corner with his red rag. Oh.. they converted. That certainly sucks.

Until the Matador learns to defend, he slips beneath the Prince in the best halfback in the NRL discussions - no doubt. In the space of one post, welcome Thursto to the Hall of Schrutebaginess and the Hall of the Overrated {MEMBER NUMBER ONE!}

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