Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boof Watch continues tonight at the IPL!

Let's get something very clear here. Having watched enough of the IPL competition, the Rajasthan Royals are my new favourite team. Why? The Australian players seem so oddly dissimilar from the boring Alan Border Academy clones that get churned out with such overwhelming rapidity. Sure, it is excellent watching Australia win tests and one-dayers and 20-20 games. However, the much repeated comment in bars across the nation during cricket season is "where have all the characters gone?"

Hohns et al at the Australian selection table have always been quick to find players whose character levels have been deemed excessive. Shane Warne {who couldn't be dropped - he is too damn good}, Darren Lehmann and Stuart Macgill are your most recent examples. Typically, the selectors - with help from the likes of Robert Craddock send out a message about these guys. They can't field. They are not fit enough for the rigours of the modern game. They don't "fit in."

Take Rajasthan. Leading the IPL 20-20 competition. A squad seemingly bereft of any big name players in their prime. Your highest paid players: Mohammed Kaif and Graeme Smith. Good players, not Marquee types by the standard of this competition though. Compare those "marquee" players with the Deccan Chargers - Gilchrist, Gibbs, Symonds etc... What do Rajasthan have?? Characters. Warne and Boof in one team! Another fringe character in Justin Langer almost had his name on the team sheet as well! Langer may not fill everyones definition of a character but his sheer joy at playing cricket for Australia was a joy to watch. Add to this mix Dimitri Mascarenhas - who looks like a pirate - and you have the IPL's coolest franchise.

Watching this team beat up on the boring likes of Ricky "We'll have a bowl" Ponting, Andrew Symonds (More ads, more boring) and Rahul (I can't believe this isn't a test match) Dravid has sent me to IPL heaven.

In some way, the fact that I like watching Rajasthan more than the Australian cricket team must send some kind of message to the ACB. Though, as we watch more clones come off the production line this summer, it will seem quite unlikely that they get it. The only thing left to do is kidnap Shane Watson and fill his vacant alrounder slot with the Postman from Perth.

Anyway, this post is about BOOF WATCH! Hopefully we see his ampleness playing for the Royals tonight. Get on the Royal train. Or as an Indian Signwriter might put it: 'Royals hit most Sixes Warnie Boof express Royals!'

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Captain Carnage said...

"I really used my melon out there today...but my bowling was like rice".

Lehmann at a press conference after a South Australia victory. Jamie Siddons bet him he couldn't use the words melon and rice in his victory speech.