Monday, May 19, 2008

Your weekend in Sport...

A few short bursts from the weekend in Sport:

- The Royals continued their dominance over the IPL on the weekend with another impressive win. This time, led by the batting of Grahemi Smith (75*) and Shane Watson (46*) and WHAB favourite Shane Warne (3 Wickets). Darren Lehmann was again not seen, leading to speculation that he has been spirited over the border to Pakistan as a hostage. WHAB would like to make this very clear: WE WILL NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. If you have Darren Lehmann, send us an email and we will be able to work something out. Sure, we only typically do business here with juicy SPAM and that might not suit you. However, take note extremists that SPAM does not actually contain PORK so you will be fine.

SPAMs complete lack of Pork makes it a useful bargaining chip when dealing with extremists.

- Heavenly GLOW's dominance and the Powerful win to the Panthers were good to me (+28) in the weekends punting. However, not good enough to overcome the strong performance of JB (+55). I took his advice and backed Synonym so it wasn't all bad.

- The Panthers win underlines something that I will be basing coming "Last $50" selections here on WHAB. Whenever the Warriors travel, you are advised to invest hard in the home team to win by >12.5. Even if it is the Rabbitohs.

- Had a long road trip on Sunday afternoon. Listened to the whole Panthers v Warriors call on ABC radio. Maybe I sound like a 60 year old when I say this but: This is a far superior way to enjoy football than channel nine's match coverage. Even without the aid of images. Radio commentary relies on detailed description and analysis to keep the listener entertained. TV commentary is lazy to the point of being criminally slothful. Warren Boland is Ray Warren's daddy. Warren Ryan is the only ex-coach in the media worth listening to. Phil Gould as I have said before is a complete cockbag.

- Helideck looks like the best value in the Doomben 10,000 at $12 after his last two starts. You'd be hard pressed finding anything to roll Apache Cat but this guy might be able to do it.

- NSW at $2.20 at home in game one looks great. I don't think I will back NSW to win the series as Queensland have a habit of making the right changes after a loss (i.e. Scott Prince) but I think NSW will be too good in game one.

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JB said...

Not a bad week for the wallet all things considered. What a lovely ride from Synonym and who was foolish enough not to follow the moskva, down to Gorky Park? I have a healthy return of $195 from my $50 outlay. Professor, what happened? To much time spent on the theory of relativity and not enough on studing the form guide - $50 outlay $0 return. Captian,Captain Captain. $8 on Heavenly Glow to make $27 and then into El Cambio at 2.10 to restore pride and make a cool $7 overall.

In other sport, I'm glad I put a safety bet down to get out of trouble and make a clear $5 from sports bets. If Brisbane got up over Cronulla it would have been comp over boys, that NRL multi would have returned in the thousands. Captain a bit courageous thinking Melbourne could do it with the reserve grade, al be it against St George. The penny panthers save the day for the Professor after getting his only racing win from his sport bets. A cool $109 return from his $50 sports bet.

Overall the Captain came last with a net loss of - 43; the professor on the right side of the balance sheet at +9 and I finished the weekend +100.