Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stormers penalty try vs Brumbies

Enter your second nominee for the Hall of Schrutebaginess in two days. Steve Walsh Jr, the referee of the Stormers vs Brumbies match last weekend.

Jr has long been Rugby's most interesting official. Let's have a look at some of his finer moments:

1. World Cup 2003, suspended for inappropriate behaviour towards the English Rugby team. As Jonny Wilkinson said at the time: 'When someone rocks up at your hotel room the night before a big game with a pair of pliers and some electrodes it can be really disconcerting. When it is the referee of the game... well that is just insane.' Wilkinson did mention that he might have been a little more interested if the referee was Tappa Henning.

2. 2005 - suspended for verbally abusing Irish Winger Shane Horgan. That's kind of cool I have to say. The amount of abuse that flows in one direction and all that. Anyway, Horgan is probably the knob in this one for complaining so much. After an exchange of dialogue like this: "Ref you are a fuckwit." "No Shane, you are the fuckwit," I wouldn't complain.

3. A hilarious altercation with the video ref earlier this year (video to follow!)

4. This ludicruous decision for a penalty try against the Brumbies in the last contest. It is almost comical that this decision could be awarded as such. The contact between the two players was minimal. Furthermore, even if there had been no contact, the likelihood of BOBO scoring was minimal. In fact, zero.

Beyond all of that, the play was over! The thrower of the pass was in touch! Anyway, Steve Walsh.. you sir, are a knob.

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