Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As much as I have been slowly getting frustrated by Rugby League this year, there is nothing that gets me back into the spirit more than state of origin night!

It is a bit of a lottery tonight, so not much time in this thread will be dedicated to the game itself. All this is about is answering a few questions: (assuming you are at home with friends rather than at the ground or a pub)

1)What is your beverage of choice for Origin night??

2)What is your food of choice??

3)Do you turn the volume down on the TV and listen to ROY AND HG or do you put up with the juvenile ramblings of the Ray Warren, the FAT and GOULD???

4) Who do you think will win?

Professor Chaos:
1) Haven't been drinking a lot of beer of late, as it gets colder I tend to gravitate to the Red Wine. However origin night is always something a bit different. Have a real passion for the slight fruitiness of James Squire Golden Ale at the moment and a six pack of that seems the plan! No, it's not the Rugby League taste of VB but then again I am not a Leaguey.

It's not quite as clean as VB, but beggars can't be choosers....

2) Origin = pizza. And the best pizza in my bayou is Gourmet Pizza Kitchen. Some sort of Chicken Tandoori pizza seems like it will match well with my James Squire Golden!

3) Volume DOWN! Origin is not the same without the dulcet tones of Roy and HG. I am looking forward to them slopping up Lillyman. I will miss the dumb ass comments of Ikin but he speaks so slowly that I can lip read.

4) I think the blues will be too good tonight. I still think that if QLD get it right we will lose the series but I am just not threatened by Thurston and Hunt in the Halves.

Captain Carnage:

1. Amsterdam 500ml cans. With no ad breaks you've just got to go big.

2. Subway; Meatball footlong on Italian Herbs & Cheese with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, jalapenos, Southwest sauce and pepper. I'm a creature of habit.

3. I admit to having the Channel 9 coverage on. There are many reasons for this. I get disorientated listening to the radio while watching the TV. I need the crowd noise to get me amped. But most of all, it's a royal pain in the ass to move my stereo system into the lounge room.

4. Go the Blues! I really think they can win. I would be less optimistic if Prince was playing, so a shoutout to the QLD selectors there. Gallen will be man of the match and Bird will be man of the series. Oh, and QLD suck balls!

Final thought: If you don't listen to Metallica's Enter Sandman before the game you are a total softcock...

1) Like most blokes I don't really organise anything - ever. Potentially going to the pub, potentially going to someones house and potentially staying at home. To be honest my vote is for home. Pub, full of dickheads more concerned at yelling at the screen and each other than watching the game. At someone elses pad, you don't know the layout, you have to make small talk with people you've just met and potentially ass raped over a good seat to watch the game.

As its the first in the series and a school night, I will be on the beers and as it its time to get patriarchal so I'll make sure its QLD - not XXXX, maybe St Arnou, come a deciding game three and I'll be on everything.

2) Well writing this post has made me realise that I will have to go out and buy some St Arnou beer and now some grub. Had pizza last night as it was cheap Tuesday, so will aim for a collection of hot canapes that can be bunged in the oven 30 mins from kick off. Buffalo wings will be high on the shopping list.

3) I like Roy and HG, and rarelly if ever miss them on a Sunday arvo, but I find they just miss too much of the game when commentating. The one thing I will be avoiding like the plague is the pre-match bullshit channel 9 has on before the game. When I was a kid nothing got you going more then a Kenny Sutcliffe piece but these days we have to put up with Gould and Ikin. I can't stand them during regular season and they push me over the edge on Origin night. I will have Roy and HG for the pre match banter and unmute the T.V for the game.

4) There is now talk around the grounds that Inglis will be in the five eighth spot come time to run out or even Cam smith with PJ Marsh starting as hooker. Well if it happens then I will be happy to say that it was WHAB that brought you the exclusive. Qld will win for the same reason Aust beat NZ, too much fire power in the backline. NSW will put up more of a fight then the bookies give them credit, with a fierce backrow that only gets better on the bench (Fitzgibbon, Laffranchi and Tupou). Man of the match - Cam Smith, First points - Penalty kick NSW, First Try Scorer - Israel Folau, Final Score 22 - 14, Player of the Series - Cam Smith, Series result Qld 2 v NSW 1. And needless to say:

What about everyone else?? Comments below.

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Professor Chaos said...

You can get St Arnou at the bottle-o now?? that's some good news. Go the St Cloud.