Friday, October 24, 2008

Captain's Star Stable...on life support!

It's been one kick in the teeth after another for the Captain and his stable. Can't take a trick. I blame the horses. I've done everything I can to get these hacks in winning form and they've let me down! Anyway, after looking into drafting CLG, I discovered that Samantha Miss is less expensive...someone explain that one to me! Maybe Star Stable know something about the weather tomorrow that we don't. Anyhow, Samantha Miss is in for Efficient who is not running again until the Melbourne Cup but will be back on board for the big one. Needed the money. Theseo is in for Zagreb who didn't even run in the Caulfield Cup, even after I told him to harden the fuck up! Soft. Theseo at 100k just makes sense considering CLG was out of my price range (must be a big storm-a-comin'!). I've used this juncture to make my one and only jockey change with C. Brown dropping out. When you wave your winning Regimental Gal Magic Millions ticket at M. Rodd he gives you a crack of the whip in salute. When the Professor cries out in a drunken drawl "niiice riiide Rodddddyyyy!", after he's booted home a first-starter at 25-1 in a seven way photo, the Rodd-star gives not a single, but a double fist-pump in reply. He is the people's jockey, and as such, I've entrusted him to restore some pride to this shabby bunch!

"Niiice Riiide Roddddyyyy!!!!"


Professor Chaos said...

Pity jim "banger" byrne isn't available to star-stable players.
If Roddy is the peoples jockey then the Banger is the angriest man in racing!

Professor Chaos said...

You'll need the trifecta in the cup to get back in business.
I have shot back into the top 2000!

Captain Carnage said...

In fairness, putting Roddy on board was a masterstroke...three big winners on the day.

shirtman said...

Boys, been a travelling, so haven't had a chance to update you on the performance of Shirty's Flyers. Suffice to say drafting in Zarita and Zipping was a stroke of genius this week, with only Maldivian destroying what would have otherwise been a perfect springboard into the top 1,000. Instead, I sit back in 8,000th place. Boo Maldivian for making the worst Cox Plate field in history look even worse still, but kudos to Rodd who rode him a treat. Now if only he can do something similar for Efficient, I will be a very happy (read rich) man come next Tuesday.

Professor Chaos said...

Good to hear you found some form in the Star Stable shirtman.
Efficient out. A few of us struggling now! Hope you didn't go in early.