Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sex and The City the Movie (DVD) Presents The Professors STAR STABLE UPDATE

If you've come here hoping to follow the exploits of horseface, dirty-whore, the kind of doable one and the other fine role models that I'm sure you're girlfriend thinks are just ace, bad luck.

          They hit the line and it's PARKER by a nose. A long nose.

If you are here for the sage advice of Australia's 3817th best Fantasy Horseracing tipster, then put your slippers on, boil the pot and get ready for two paragraphs of genius.

This week; Cox Plate. I have a few of my stable "stars" in action: Samantha Miss aims to fly the flag as stable superstar. That's not going to get me into the Star Stable thick of things though. Let's think rough, Theseo looks a great addition as it won't be in too many stables and I think it is a fantastic show in an historically weak Cox Plate. Another that must consider itself a good chance in a Cox Plate that gets more ordinary by the instant is Alamosa. Not far off the fallen champ over the champs best distance, wants 2000 metres and oh yeah, loves to sit on pace.

Zipping must come into the calculations as well. You want him around next Tuesday and now might be a decent time to get him in. Sirmione and Efficient are nigh on essential adds at this juncture as well. Tough Call. In the end I decided to take one horse based on "this week" and one with the Cup in mind. For the Cox only; Theseo for $100,000 seemed too good to pass up. For the Cox/Melbourne double: Zipping for $150,000 seems like one to have. It was tempting to drop Samantha Miss  - reason being, everyone has it in their stable and a win for the Miss won't get me out of trouble. But you have to stay safe. As I said, there are rock-solid cases to add Alamosa, Sirmione or Efficient this week as well. Tough  week. Not as tough as an hour of watching Sex in the City with your missus though. 

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