Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Australia vs India

I can't remember the last time I've looked forward to a series less. This is for a variety of reasons, but primarily, because of the alarming level of boringness in the current Australian squad. No Warney. No Pidge. No Hoggy. No Boof. Just boring, lifeless, cricket robots. Other reasons to not look forward to watching this series include Ponting's dubious captaincy and Jason Krejza's/Cameron White's bowling. Honestly, how can it be that these two are our best Test spinning options? What has the fine art of spin bowling come to in this country? Above all, this series will be hard to watch as there is a very real chance that we will get thrashed unmercifully. I am looking forward to seeing some cricket but I fear that the spectacle of this series will be as appealing to watch as Mark Skaife winning Bathurst.

Things you'll see:

Harbajhan being a tosser, the boring Aussies reporting him after the day's play rather than cocking the fists, Lillee-style.

Either Jason Krejza or Cameron White geting smashed all around and out of the ground.

Harbhajan being a tosser. Aussies being tossers back.

Silly crowd banners.

Harbhajan being a tosser, making chimpanzee noises.

Crowd making chimpanzee noises, scratching under their armpits.

Harbhajan being a tosser, then realises that Symonds isn't even playing. Stops making chimpanzee noises, continues being a tosser.

Ponting winning the toss on a heavenly day 1 batting deck (after Stuart Clark withdraws citing some dodgy curry the night before)..."We'll have a bowl"...

India smacking 450 on day one (Krejza/White, 0/168) for the loss of two wickets.

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Professor Chaos said...

Yeah, it is a very boring squad this time.
And a very real chance of a pantsing. At least if McGain/McGill was around you could give a shit/see some entertainment.

Krejza and White?? Worst spin attack ever.