Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Calgary Roughriders

My stable has focussed on the 5 big races of the weekend. I also don't want to have to make too many changes for the Cox, Caulfield and Melbourne Cups so I whilst my XI are all going this weekend, there is a definite eye on the big prizes on offer on Super Saturday;

1) Weekend Hussler. Probably too good in the Turnbull this weekend, and keeping him around for the Coxxy. Expensive at $250K, but will be a lock for some $$$ this weekend and beyond.

2) The Turnbull: Guillotine and Littorio. Great chances for $$$ behind the champ, and for me the two that could roll the Hussler this weekend. Here as well, because I want them around for the Caulfield where they are my two favourites.

3) Epsom: Mentality and Raheeb. A nice little duo for a total cost of $150K.

4) The Metrop: You forget about the metrop when you plan your super Saturday. But you shouldn't here. Biggest prizemoney on offer (equal with the Epsom) and you can pick up the nice duo of Red Lord and Bianca for $150K. By the way, the Lord probably has a better race in him, so not a bad one to keep around.

5) Three year old racing: Two big prizemoney races in the Flight and the Spring champion. Taking the Miss, Rhyno Chaser and Predatory Pricer should see a pickup in both.

These Roughriders will simply be too good for the Captains Roughriders. And Shirtman, too good for him as well!

Craig Williams to ride. I abhor you, Glen Boss.

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