Thursday, October 30, 2008

Martin Crowe has eyes only for Boundless.

Martin Crowe's commentary of the Caulfield Cup

1:45 Boundless trying to get out but he is pocketed behind a wall of horses, He's out but has copped a knock! Oh the humanity.

2:10: He's commencing a run. Oh he's been smashed by a flailing Maldivian. Oh, it's just NOT FEEEEEEEER!

2:20: Oh he's been pulled up after running into the Back of Maldivian... hold all tuckets. This race is an absolute TRAVESTY! THIS IS JUST NOT FEEEEEEEEEEEER!

2:28: Oh I have consulted my manual I'm sure TREVOR BLOODY CHAPPEL IS A PART OWNER OF MAL-DEEEEVIAN. THIS IS JUST NOT FEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! I Repeat hold all tuckets.

3:00 All the Good winner past the post, but I am sure we will hear more in the stewards room about thus. Again, nothing here has been FEEER. It's happening again, we've been underarmed out of the Caulfield Cup. It's a massive CONSPURICY against Boundless!

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